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print design...

eye-catching design, quality artwork,
cost effective, high quality print,
supplied directly to your desk,
... red rag design
design paper stuff to get you noticed!

let's face it, some company brochures and product literature can look a bit dull... but, not if you know what you're doing.

I know you want a company brochure, product brochure, magazine, company folder, sales literature that will get you noticed... so, I don't design anything else!

....and now with the wonders of high quality digital print processes, you don't have to order millions for it to be price competitive.

rest assured we will only ever print on quality paper, bound and finished perfectly to achieve a superior document that you'd be proud to show your mother!

give me a call now and start the ball rolling... no obligation, I just like to talk. 0777 9393 618 is the direct number or, if you prefer, email me with your wish list!

"first impressions count" often have you heard that said?
which is why a well designed and printed business card can make all the difference.

red rag design will only design and supply the style of business card that is right for you. no point in doing anything else is there?!

from 10 to 10,000 business cards I'll make sure they are cost effectively printed on the best quality card. full colour, round corners, even laminated if it'll work for you. let's get you a business card you can be proud to give away!

if you have a lot to say, then it's not much more to print on both sides of the cards... and it looks cool too!

let's get started... call me directly on 0777 9393 618 or, if you prefer, email me your details.

leaflets designed to catch the eye and get your message across.... and they won't cost the earth!

leaflets are always a cost effective way to advertise your company services or products, and, because I've done my job right, something that your potential customer will happily take away with them, or notice in the post and want to read. I don't design sales leaflets to be ignored!

the popular economical sizes are A5 , A4, 1/3rd A4, A4, single sheet, or folded. and, as with all printing today, the digital age means you could have as few as 100 without breaking the bank. at least not with red rag design's print prices... email me now and find out how good I can be for you.

a company logo, a brand trademark, a logostyle, call it what you will, it is the unique image your customers will associate with you and your services... so it needs to be good!

I know you need a professional looking and visually effective logo design that will work on all media, from print to digital. black & white and in colour. a design that will be noticed and not forgotten.

maybe you don't need a complete change of logo, just a freshening up of your existing logo, brought up-to-date and ready for the next generation of digital media. after all, your customers recognise it, so it benefits by having continuity with the original logo.

I have been designing logos for over 25 years and still I get a genuine thrill from designing strong logos that stand the test of time. email me now your logo... or let's talk, 0777 9393 618

newsletters that will be noticed, picked up and better still... read!

I regularly design monthly and quarterly printed newsletters and magazines for charity organisations, local government and business.

a company newsletter that needs to be consistent in design style each month, yet still needs to look fresh every time... now there's a challenge... along with fitting all the text and pictures in so that the newsletter can be easily read and enjoyed, month after month, after month.

if you need the words breathing on, the headings spicing up, or the photos retouching so that the managing director's tie is straight!... I can do it all. followed by printing and delivering to your desk, or to your customers' letterboxes.

paper newsletters are not the only form I design... email newsletters or digital newsletters are fast becoming the norm for today's internet savvy customer. read more...

nothing sells the box better than what's printed on the box (or bag, or wrapper, or tin, or label)

again, you want to get your product noticed. this I can easily do, while at the same time ensuring the information is displayed clearly and effectively, to get that all important purchase!

designs for: cardboard cartons, paper wrappers, metal cans, wine labels, food packs, plastic sachets... basically any form of packaging that your product may require.

retouching any photos that need it, drawing illustrations to produce for you packaging that will not only let the buyer understand what they are buying, but will get picked up in the first place... I hate to labour the point again... a design that gets noticed!

call me now on 0777 9393 618... it won't cost a packet! (:@D)

stationery will be in front of your customers' eyes more than you will, so it gives you a unique opportunity to show them how professional you are.

you may know what to say and your signature looks good, but the visual style and finish of your letter will add considerable weight to your message. a properly presented letterhead will be taken far more seriously than a do-it-yourself office printout that Steve from IT knocked up in his lunch hour!

I only specify quality papers and printing, which are safe for you to be able to put them through your office printer without any worry.

as well as A4 letterheads I can design matching invoices, credit notes, statements, remittance advice, delivery notes, continuation sheets, order notes... separate sheets, or continuous spool fed paper.

give me a call now and start the ball rolling... no obligation, I just like to talk. 0777 9393 618 is the direct number or, if you prefer, email me with your wish list!

email or call 0777 9393 618